I got a chance to catch up with our very generous sponsor: Fluid.

As the brave and generous company that will be hydrating us all on the ride, I thought it imperative to dig a little deeper and see what it was that really drew them to this project in the first place.

With me today is Brett Murphy, VP of Operations, who has been our amazing go-to guy with anything and everything we needed (seriously…they’ve been amazing to us and anyone doing this ride is going to be the lucky recipient of some really cool stuff!)

On that note, let’s dive in!

Whitney: What is Fluid?

Brett: Fluid makes nutritional products to hydrate, fuel, and replenish you. Our products taste great, are easy to use, and are made in the USA.We offer two product lines to our customers for before/during exercise and after exercise.

Fluid Performance is a sports drink that’s all about keeping it simple & balanced. Designed with less sugar, more electrolytes, & natural flavors, it provides energy & hydration in one formula without stomach upset. It’s perfect for use before & during even the toughest endurance activity to fuel & feel your best.

Fluid Recovery is an award-winning post-workout recovery drink mix. When taken after exercise, the blend of nutrients in Fluid Recovery can help you recover faster, adapt to training better, and be stronger for tomorrow. Our customers rave about less muscle soreness, greater focus post workout and power to workout hard the next day.

At Fluid Sports Nutrition, we believe in challenging ourselves, the industry, and you to be better. We believe that when athletes pair hard work with the right nutrition, they create a combination that is seldom beatable.

We had difficulty finding products with clean, simple ingredients, backed by real scientific evidence, and that above all, worked! So in the Spring of 2006, we started making our own natural sports drinks and protein recovery drinks and sharing them with friends and family.

We call ourselves a sports nutrition company, but our customers get more than nutrition. You get the tools you need to do what you love. Our tools help you stay hydrated, energized, focused, and feeling great again tomorrow.

Whitney: What was your initial impression about being approached to help support a ride bringing awareness to Human Trafficking?

Brett: Fluid was initially approached about the Freedom Ride during the 2016 Sea Otter Classic by Elisabeth Gegner, Founder and Director of the Freedom Ride. The Sea Otter weekend was very busy and it’s always hard to remember every conversation that you have, but the Freedom Ride stood out to us! Elisabeth was a pleasure to talk to and we admired her for the cause she was supporting!

Whitney: What made you say “yes?”

Brett: We wish that we could be involved with every single event that we are invited to, but unfortunately there are only so many Fluid staff members, and we have to pick and choose. Choosing the Freedom Ride was easy! It’s not everyday that you are asked to help raise awareness for such an important cause! Elisabeth and the whole Freedom Ride team have come together to combine something they really believe in—a cause to end human trafficking—with something they love—cycling! We knew we had to get involved!

Whitney: How are you supporting the cause and riders?

Brett: Fluid is fueling the 20 team members throughout the Freedom Ride. We will be providing them with a constant flow of Fluid Performance while they are riding and Fluid Recovery for them to use at the end of each day so they can recover faster and wake up refreshed and ready to ride the next day.

For anyone who registers to participate in the rides in Oregon and the greater Los Angeles area, we will be providing a serving of Fluid Recovery Cinnamon Vanilla and a 15% off discount code on other product in their rider packets. Cinnamon Vanilla is our newest flavor of Recovery and our first Vegan Friendly recovery option with 10 grams of Pea Protein per serving.

For the next couple of months leading up to the event, Fluid will be actively raising awareness about human trafficking and the Freedom Ride event on social media and through other means. Individuals and Wholesale accounts who order from our online store will receive an informational flyer informing them about trafficking in the U.S. and invited them to come ride with us and participate in the cause.

Whitney: What is something you think we can do on the Freedom Ride to help bring awareness to this issue? 

Brett: During the Freedom Ride, we believe the most powerful tool will be our voices. A lot of people are just not aware of the issues surround trafficking in the U.S. today. They think that it is a thing of the past and not a relevant world issue. We have to admit that we didn’t realize the full extent of the problem until after talking with Elisabeth at Sea Otter. The facts were surprising and saddening. This event uses our common love for cycling to bring people together and talk about these important issues and take action against it!

Whitney: What statistic or fact surprises you most about human trafficking in the U.S.?

Brett: We were most surprised by the sheer volume of trafficking issues in the U.S. The US National Human Trafficking Resource Center Hotline receives over 100 calls a day reporting current instances or from survivors who managed to get out and want to tell their story. Human Trafficking is estimated to be a $150 billion industry worldwide. Even the instances that aren’t occurring in the U.S. are being supported by our economy while we continue to purchase goods that are manufactured using Labor Trafficking.

Fluid is honored to be involved with the Freedom Ride Project and we hope that one-day Human Trafficking will be a thing of the past, but until then we will strive to raise awareness and put a stop to this awful treatment of human life.

See You on the Road!

Whitney (Your media gal + rider!)

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