Too many well-meaning initiatives stop at awareness; we want to do more. When it comes to horrific crimes like human trafficking, awareness without empowerment and action leaves people paralyzed.

All of our work has three goals: First, to raise awareness about human trafficking so it can be prevented or interrupted. Second, to move everyday citizens to successfully address this crime in their communities. Three, to transform communities at a grass roots level.

Your donation will enable us to fund to do the following:

  • Raise awareness through social media, press and events such as the Freedom Ride
  • Put on events to raise awareness and activate communities to start projects
  • Support grass-roots community initiatives such as the Freedom Ambassador Program

Read more below about how your donations will help make a difference.

Freedom Ambassador Program

Donate to the Freedom Ambassador Program and help empower youth to recognize and make a positive impact in the fight against human trafficking. With the support of education and mentorship, local middle and high school students receive peer to peer education and are mentored by caring, professional adults to deliver high impact projects to address human trafficking in their own communities.

Check back in the next couple months to learn more about the specific youth community projects and visit us in March 2019 to view our Freedom Ambassador Video which will capture these in film.

Empowerment Mirrors for at Risk Youth

Donate to the student-led Mirror Empowerment Project and help empower and save at risk youth from human trafficking. Designed and hand-crafted by sophomores Eileen and Cindy, each mirror sends a message of hope to youth who are at risk of being trafficking and remind them that they are “priceless” with the words “No Price Tag.” Each mirror comes with a hand-written card and a personalized message, including COURAGEOUS, WORTHY, HOPE, VALUED, FIERCE. For every $10 you donate, a mirror is donated to youth at your one of our partner charities, Stand Up for Kids, Orangewood Foundation or The Teen Collaborative , and you get to keep a mirror for yourself. Choose your favorite charity and keep a mirror as a reminder that you too, are “priceless!”

Freedom Ride Project

Donate to the Freedom Ride Project and help us raise awareness about human trafficking and move people to engage in and start projects in their own communities. Our athletic events, social media efforts, use of news media help raise awareness so that the public – including parents, teachers, coaches, professionals and youth – are able to recognize the signs of human trafficking and help prevent it and rightfully convict offenders as jury members. Funds also go to inspire everyday people like you to proactively address trafficking and start initiatives in their own communities. Examples to date include education programs in schools and hospitals, awareness campaigns, and working with law enforcement to make fighting this crime and helping victims a priority.