Human trafficking remains the fastest growing illegal enterprise in the world; it is expected to surpass drug trafficking anytime, and has already done so in several US cities. Add to this, the fact that only 1-2 % of our 150,000+ estimated US victims ever get out.

With such terrible odds on the rescue side, how about we stop this before it starts? Your donation will help us do just that.

Donate to the Freedom Ride Project and help us raise awareness about human trafficking and move people to engage in and start projects in their own communities. Any moneys contributed to your campaign will go to support awareness raising through social media, press and events, such as The Freedom Ride 2017, spinathons, yogathons, as well as corporate and school education events.

You may donate by clicking on the DONATE button or select to sponsor a particular athlete by clicking on their fundraising page. Each athlete is required to raise a minimum of $4950.

Donations are tax deductible and you will receive a receipt prior to your tax filing deadline.