Our Logo

The Freedom Ride Project Logo represents what we stand for. Our efforts make a difference in each of these areas, either directly or through promoting and funding organizations that do.


Cycling: This crank represents our love of cycling and the true grit it takes to power an average of 100 miles day after day. Any pain is less than that experienced by a victim on a 12-hour shift, who is repeatedly brutalized, beaten and raped.

Transportation: Victims of trafficking are frequently transported across international and state borders by trucks, boats, and planes. Cycling is our form of transportation and enables us to show our solidarity with victims, as well as great organizations like Truckers Against Trafficking. (TAT)


Awareness: Many victims are saved because noticed something was not right or detected specific signs of danger and reported this. The Freedom Ride Project raises awareness everywhere we go, both during and beyond our ride and events.
Education: Education is critical, particularly in schools, health care facilities, law enforcement, and families. The Freedom Ride begins education through awareness events and supports grass roots education initiatives in our communities.


Rescue: Rescue may happen through a raid or simply by consistently reaching out to victims and building enough trust to have them escape are both means of rescue.
Safe House: Providing victims a safe place to live and heal is critical. There are far too little safe houses in the US.

Bring Justice

Legislation: More laws need to be passed to protect victims and convict the perpetrators.

Enforcement: Survivors need legal council and representation if they decide to undertake proceedings to prosecute offenders


Restoration: Without proper emotional, physical and spiritual restoration, as well as vocational support, the risks of a survivor reentering “the life” are high.

Love: We come from a place of love for all parties, from the victims who are often seduced into sex trafficking with the promise of finding love, to the traffickers and consumers. Real, genuine love and compassion are central to the healing of any human being.