Meet Our Partners

Freedom Ride Project Partners are organizations who actively partner with the Freedom Ride Project by participating in our Awareness Events or whom we consider worth mention because they provide good resources and/or good venues for you to volunteer close to your home. Since our mission is to move people to action in their own communities, we encourage you to reach out to these Partners as you look for ways to get involved.

Please check back as we will be adding more Partners in the next couple months.

The Rebecca Bender Initiative

The Rebecca Bender Initiative is a leading forerunner in the efforts to eradicate modern day slavery and change the mindset of our culture. RBI assists in crisis response assisting victims to escape. RBI also offers online training to victims, as well as specialized advanced training to FBI, Homeland Security, Former Presidents, SVU & Undercover, Medical Professionals, Service Providers and Faith Communities all across America.

Through God’s Grace

Susan Patterson, Founder of Through God’s Grace, is an excellent resource if you’d like to start a human trafficking ministry in your church.

Action Force Network

Action Force Network (AFN) is dedicated to bringing Awareness and Education to our youth and communities regarding the fastest growing crime in America; Human Trafficking!