Demographics and media: Our athletic events and our youth empowerment programs impact a broad range of citizens in communities around the world and particularly the US through social media, signage on our vans, clothing, event banners, as well as television, radio and newspapers coverage. We have been featured in many local papers and on both local and national television, including Fox News, NBC News and ABC News.

Appearance on FOX 11 News In Depth with Hal Eisner

On Sunday January 12, Elisabeth Gegner made an appearance on Fox 11 to discuss the Freedom Ride during a segment on human trafficking in California. Click HERE to view the appearance, the segment starts at 7:30...

Where your funds go: Too many well-meaning initiatives stop at awareness; we want to do more. When it comes to horrific crimes like human trafficking, awareness without empowerment and action leaves people paralyzed.

All of our work has three goals: First, to raise awareness about human trafficking so it can be prevented or interrupted. Second, to move everyday citizens to successfully address this crime in their communities. Three, to transform communities at a grass roots level.

Our sponsorship options give you the flexibility to support specific projects and commit at the financial level that works for you or your company.

Impact: Our Freedom Ride 2016 resulted in education programs being launched across multiple hospitals in Oregon by the second largest employer in the state, education to 24,000 kids and parents in the Newport Mesa School District, and the designation of a full time police officer to combat human trafficking in Newport Beach, CA. Check us out live on our Freedom Ride Video .

Currently, the Freedom Ambassador Program focuses on addressing the growing issue of both sex and labor trafficking in Orange County. We empower youth and transform communities through grass-roots projects that address human trafficking at home. Your support will also enable us to grow this program nationally in future years.

Beyond sponsorship: If you would like to have an even more personal connection and impact on youth, fine out how you can become a MENTOR by clicking HERE or download our SPONSOR-MENTOR PACK.