It’s Time to Meet The Talent Behind the Coaching!

Marianne Berglund, Swedish World Campion, road bike racer,Bend, Oregon,USA,Model release 0390

Marianne Berglund is a former World Champion 10 times National Champion, and two-times Olympic cyclist. Having raced professionally for over 15 years in both Europe and the U.S she now shares her knowledge of training, nutrition and racing with fellow cyclists.  

Besides coaching, Marianne holds a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership and has served in various leadership roles over the past 20+ years, advising businesses leaders on improving their performance. She lives in Bend, Oregon



We are SO lucky to have Marianne with us on this journey and we look forward to helping us prepare for this endurance ride. We could not do it without her support and guidance!

Are you looking for a fall endurance ride? It doesn’t get much better than this.